For over 70 years Chicago, Illinois was the pinball capital of the world. But over 20 years ago the city lost its last manufacturer of the silverball. But instead of it being ‘game over’, new entries into the marketplace opened their doors. The result is that the majority of machines built today come from factories based outside the city borders. 

In fact, interestingly, there are more active companies producing pinball machines from locations around the world than there have been in over three decades. From China to Australia, the United Kingdom to Canada and Netherlands as well as within the United States, there has been a renaissance for pinball, and the one place that will showcase the amazing array of the latest creations is Pinball Expo ’21.

This is the can’t miss event of the year. Mark your calendars for Pinball Expo ‘21 and be a part of pinball history. Maybe you will even make your own pinball history. For more information visit the official website for Pinball Expo 2021 www.pinballexpo.com and for special event packages, please contact Rob Berk at (info@pinballexpo.com) or call 330-716-3139.