Vendor Code of Conduct

It is our hope that we provide a consistent and enjoyable experience for our fellow vendors, staff, guests as well as the general public that attend this event. You are expected to act in a professional manner at all times to ensure a great experience for all. Show management has every right and will exercise any and all actions necessary to support our mission.

  • All show participants should be ready for business at the start of the show as defined by the show schedule.
  • All show participants must make known to management any situation that will delay booth opening within 30 minutes prior to the show. Our goal is to assist you in resolving any and all issues that may arise beyond your control.
  • Please make sure to keep your booth and surrounding area clean.
  • Dispose of trash in cans and recycling areas. Do NOT leave trash sitting on or around your booth.
  • For your safety and the protection of your property, the show floor will not be accessible outside of show hours.
  • Vendor space is purchased space. Vendors are authorized to use their space as they wish within reason. Games or products sold by vendors may leave at any time during this event.
  • We ask that there is no swearing, harassing, bad-mouthing, bullying, demeaning or other mischievous conduct of any kind.
  • Alcohol consumption is not permitted during the expo.
  • Smoking is prohibited, including vaping.
  • Appropriate shoes and clothing must be worn at all times.
  • Keep it FAMILY FRIENDLY. No mature, offensive or sexual content will be permitted to be displayed or sold at your booth.
  • Flyers for outside companies/events/products will not be permitted to be posted anywhere other than the community table or post-it board.
  • If you need assistance of any kind, including issues with your booth, other vendors, attendees, etc... please reach out to our Pinball Expo Staff.
  • We have the right to remove you from the show - without refund - for failure to behave appropriately.