Attendee Guidelines

General Expo House Rules

Have a great time. Meet new people, make new memories, and relive your glory days. Enjoy experiencing this amazing community of people and innovative industry Pinball Expo brings together.

Collectors share their love by muscling games from basements and garages to make this a spectacular event. Appreciate the time and effort they take to bring their personal games. Respect the games and be careful of food, drink, and rough treatment. Everyone is here to have a great time: Mind your manners and language. Remember what you put on social media stays there forever -- be positive: It's called karma.

See a line at a popular game title? Share a game with a new friend. Parents must supervise kids at all times. Encourage the excitement you see in younger generations; they are the next game coders, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs in this reborn industry.

Be advised this event has loud noises and bright, flashing lights. Be mindful of the power cables and machines. Admission and tickets are non-refundable. All sales are final. Appropriate entry wristbands must be worn at all times. Pinball Expo reserves the right to refuse service and entry. All federal, state, local and site law enforcement and regulations apply.

By entering the premises, you and your guests, fully understand that Pinball Expo and its staff, organizers, and volunteers are not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen personal property, nor are they liable for any personal injuries of any kind.

Attendees to Pinball Expo understand that security and publicity video and photographs may be taken during the event, and their image or photographic likeness may appear in photographs taken during the event. By entering Pinball Expo, you and your guests hereby give permission that photos containing your image/likeness may be used for publicity and general information purposes including publication on the website, social media, and video, in print or within other publicity which may be seen by the general public. Pinball Expo will neither seek any further permission nor provide any compensation or notification before using such imagery or likeness.

Rules used with permission from Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown