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Previously asked questions:

Q: Are Alvin G parts interchangeable with D. Gottlieb parts?

A: Only those used in the first game

Q: Do you know if there are any 27554 assemblies for sale and what the wiring configuration is? Thank you very much for considering my question.

A: The 27554 target assembly is no longer available. The only information on wire colors and placement on the target would be in the game manual schematics, which will also give the color codes.

Q: How do you decide what product you will develop next?

A: It is based on the customer requests and the ability to respond.(Finding vendors who have the time and can do it at a reasonable price.)

Q: My #1 p-7469-7 flip flag broke and I couldn't find a replacement anywhere unless somebody was parting out these parts which I haven't seen. Why did they change the design is my question. I talked to the designer today Greg Kmiec. He thinks it could have something to do with cost and over supply parts. Hope you can help me.

A: P-7469-7 is used in Wizard only on Game over and players 1-4. Flip flag interlock relays refer back to Skyrocket using P-7469-1. This per Bally 76 catalog page 90.