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Previously asked questions:

Q: Are Alvin G parts interchangeable with D. Gottlieb parts?

A: Only those used in the first game

Q: How do you decide what product you will develop next?

A: It is based on the customer requests and the ability to respond.(Finding vendors who have the time and can do it at a reasonable price.)

Q: My #1 p-7469-7 flip flag broke and I couldn't find a replacement anywhere unless somebody was parting out these parts which I haven't seen. Why did they change the design is my question. I talked to the designer today Greg Kmiec. He thinks it could have something to do with cost and over supply parts. Hope you can help me.

A: P-7469-7 is used in Wizard only on Game over and players 1-4. Flip flag interlock relays refer back to Skyrocket using P-7469-1. This per Bally 76 catalog page 90.