Praise For Pinball Expo

Emily B.

"Pinball Expo 2022 was definitely one for the books!! Thank you to Robert Berk, Brigitt Berk, and Walter Day for the honor of receiving a "Superstars of 2022" trading card! The pinball community has been so good to my family and me, and it was really meaningful. Attending Expo helps us to learn about the newest offerings in the pinball world, so we can provide the best to our Fargo Pinball customers. My heart is full from all of the friends old and new from around the world that we got to connect with over the weekend. Congratulations to the other trading card and award recipients."

Marcelo B.

"I was given a diploma and my own trading card for my contribution to the preservation of pinballs. A thousand thanks to Robert Berk and Pinball Expo for this honor! I still don't believe it!"

Joe H.

"Hey Rob! Wanted to thank you again for an awesome event! Hope you had a great time because everyone we interacted with including ourselves did! We are all dealing with post expo sadness!"

Max R.

"A big thank you for the way you have worked with us in getting a working Magic Girl at the Pinball Expo 2022. You have a very big heart for pinball. The show was fantastic, the venue well chosen. Hope to see you in the near future, if not, I will see you next year at Pinball Expo 2023, hopefully to watch the launch of the Magic Girl 2023."

Mike P.

"Congratulations on what looked to be a fabulous expo. I enjoyed watching on YouTube, but made me want to be there even more. Thank you for your kind invitation, and I'll make a point to be involved next year in some capacity."

Dan R.

"This show was epic. Flippy was awesome. Free play games were awesome. Manufacturers booth were awesome. Custom pinballs were awesome. Vendors were awesome. Seminars and tours were awesome. And rob and the whole Berk family were awesome. Thanks for a well planned, well executed weekend, Pinball Expo."


"Wanted to thank you again for a fantastic expo - really enjoyed it and can’t wait for next year!"

Roland M.

"You have made my dream come true meeting Steve Ritchie & Larry DeMar. Thank you!"

Mark S.

"Thanks for all the hard work you put into the show. It was wonderful to see people in person again. And beautiful choice of hotel."

Daniel S.

"I had wonderful time at the Pinball Expo this year! I did lose my voice (again) talking with all of my pinball friends and supporters of the charity. It was so good to see everyone!
A big thank you to Robert Berk & Bridget and their whole family. We really appreciate all your help and support for the charity throughout the years. Also, thank you to the whole Pinball Expo crew for such dedication to make this run so smooth.
Thank you to all of the wonderful supporters that offered an eclectic selection of items to our online auction. It was a fantastic success with helping us to raise over 15 thousand! That's the fuel to helps our charity mission place these pinball machines in their new homes to help the children and their family.
A huge round of applause for all of generous donors that helped make this event a huge success for a charity! Know that your donations are helping these families in need. Until next the Pinball Expo. Love you all!"

Chance T.

"Mr Fix did an excellent job getting everyone in and out and handling the hall. You also had adequate staff on hand to handle all issues. Registration Desk Staff is real good and staffed properly, and there was little to no wait. You can plan on me doing next year’s show!"

Oscar T.

"This was my second Pinball Expo and the first time I came with a group of people from my country (Spain). Let me say on behalf of all of them, this was an amazing experience. We had one of the best times of our lives. The people you meet, the machines you play, the variety of activities, the dedication of every person organizing, makes it a must if you are into pinball."

Jack G.

"Rob thank you again and your whole family and all your staff for a wonderful show. Very memorable! I didn't hear one complaint. I think it was awesome!"

Emily B.

"A huge THANK YOU to Robert Berk for asking me to be a part of the magic at Pinball Expo as a moderator for this panel discussion. My entire family had the best time attending Expo! We are grateful for all of the wonderful people we got to connect with, and to have the opportunity to explore our passion for pinball with so many experts!!"

Daniel S.

"A big thank you to Rob and Brigitt for your great hospitality this year! The show went great, the location was excellent, and we loved the new location."

Dave A.

"Expo 21 was great! Thanks for everything!"

Cliff S.

"It's end of the show as we know it... and I feel fine…. What an amazing event. The amount of smiles and thank you's we received was more rewarding than we could have hopped for. To say our hearts are full would be an understatement. Thanks to everyone who came out to support our first expo adventure, the memories made will last a lifetime."

Ernie S.

"The home brewers really appreciate what you and American do for them. It means a lot!"

Wally G.

"Hey Rob, best Expo that I have ever attended! You really nailed all of the little problems with past shows. Floor layout was perfect, seminars great tournaments in separate room, great pinball lineup, great techs working on the pins, easy registration, great Pinball News coverage, food available, venue location perfect, ....... Bravo"

Andy S.

"Hi Rob! Thank you SO much again for this past weekend, what a fantastic event!"

Mark S.

"Hi Rob, I just want to say thank you so much for putting on a great show."

Mike S.

"Congratulations on another amazing Expo!"

Scott E.

"Hi Robert, thanks for the show. It's been a great time! Looking forward to attending again!"

Derek K.

"I just wanted to say I had an absolute blast at Pinball Expo 2021 and it was one of the most memorable events I have had in my life. It truly was a pleasure meeting Jim Patla to Keith Elwin to even Robert Berk multiple times."

Jared G.

"Congratulations on a terrific show."

Callie S.

"Thank you for a very fun first Pinball Expo! We has an amazing time and you certainly put on a great event!"