Pinball Expo Exclusive Club

Don’t bother to rub your eyes! It’s an Expo Twins sighting

CHICAGO, IL – When Rob approached me to share my memories, he did surprise me with one specific fact. I am just one of the remaining eight who have been to every Pinball Expo. I guess that means the club is getting more and more exclusive with each passing year.

Don’t bother to rub your eyes. You are having a twin sighting…separated at birth these brothers are reunited by pinball. What more could anyone ever ask from an event like Pinball Expo!

Mark your calendars for Pinball Expo 2019 and be a part of pinball history. Maybe you will even make your own pinball history. For more information and special event packages, please contact Rob Berk at (; call 330-716-3139 or visit the official website for Pinball Expo 2019