The First Pinball Expo

November 22nd, 1985

It all began with the first Pinball Expo being staged at the old Holiday Inn near O’Hare Airport. I honestly don’t even know if the hotel is still standing since there has been so much development in what is now called ‘Rosemont’ but I do remember walking from the front lobby past the indoor swimming pool to get to the Expo area. Well things, admittedly, changed and grew so the Expo was moved to the Clarion for a couple of years before shifting gears to the infamous Ramada Inn with its wonderful tower and the beginning of those incredibly memorable ‘Fireside Chats’ with everyone crammed into a hotel suite to get up close and personal with all the luminaries of pinball who shared stories and anecdotes that captivated everyone. But the Ramada had seen its finer days before going through a major renovation and Rob took the chance to make the move to Wheeling, IL and the Westin where the space keeps growing each and every year to accommodate all that Pinball Expo has become.

Mark your calendars for Pinball Expo 2019 and be a part of pinball history. Maybe you will even make your own pinball history. For more information and special event packages, please contact Rob Berk at (; call 330-716-3139 or visit the official website for Pinball Expo 2019