Standard PREMIUM 30×10
300 Sq Ft
(Purchase by 7/31/21)


Booth Includes:
  • 3 Tables
  • 4 Chairs
  • 6 Badges
  • Waste Basket
  • Booth ID Sign
  • 1-10 amp or 20 amp Electric Drop
  • 8’ High Back Wall Pipe & Drape
  • 3’High Side Rail Pipe and Drape


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Badge Names

This purchase includes 6 Vendor Badges. Please tell us what names you would like to appear on your badges. Enter 1 NAME PER BADGE only. You may purchase additional badges for $75 each below.

Add Extra Badges (Optional)

If you are purchasing additional badges, please list the names you would like on those badges below. Please list ONLY 1 NAME for each additional badge you purchase. You will ONLY receive the number of badges that you requested above.